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"I’ll tell you what is harder than dying in Gaza by an Israeli missile deluxe. What is harder is that you get a phone call from the Israeli army telling you to evacuate your home because it will be bombed in ten minutes. Imagine; ten minutes; and your whole short history on the surface of Earth will be erased.

Gifts you received, photos of your siblings and your children (dead or alive), things that you love, your favorite chair, your books, that last poetry collection your read, a letter from your expatriate sister, reminders of the ones you loved, the smell of your bed, the jasmine tree that hangs off your western window, your daughter’s hair clip, your old clothes, your prayer rug, your wife’s gold, your savings; imagine; all this passes in front of your eyes in ten minutes, all that pain passes while you are struck by surprise.

Then you take your identification papers (passport, birth certificate, etc.) which you have ready in an old metallic candy box, and you leave your home to die a thousand times, or refuse to leave and die once.”

-Mahmoud Jouda, a Palestinian living in the Gaza Strip describes the experience of receiving an evacuation order from Israeli forces

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White privilege is never having to spell your last name.

you… you’ve never met a polish person have you

american privilege is not realizing the world does not in fact consist of only america

What even is this? I’m white-mcwhiterson as all hell- and my last name is German-based. God only knows how many times I’ve had to spell it out for people.

you must be lying. all white people are named Bob Smith.

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